Repairs & Cleaning

We offer a full range of repairs, from restringing a bracelet or necklace that has been sitting in you drawer forever, or turn it into a new creation, perhaps to be passed down. We can help you create what it is you have in mind.

Our pearl knotting is truly professional quality knots. Grandma’s pearls will be a daily treasure to wear once again. We can also update your piece should you so desire, or keep it its authenticity.

Occasionally we will have a client with an odd request, such as creating a handmade clasp to hold her locket latched. It took some experimentation, but it was a success!
We’re always receiving old jewelry with missing stones and other flaws. We have boxes of these “findings” from old and discarded jewelry, and we can use them to make broken pieces wearable again. We love to be challenged; it keeps the brain waves alive!