Lampe Berger Retailer

Discovered in the late 1800’s in Paris, French Lampe Berger was used to prevent sepsis in the hospitals, as well as is the home of a deceased family member. Over its lifetime it has transpired into a delightful air cleansing and fragrance diffuser for home, office, gym. There are fragrances for every nose, light and breezy, to bold, and everything in between. The Lampes are available in dozens of designs, from simple to modern. Some are remakes of famous oils, stainless steel, glass, crystal wood and leather. There are starter kits for the skeptic, but guaranteed you will love them.

We are an exclusive retailer for Lampe Berger in north central Florida. We will also ship product if you you are away for the summer.

There is a new product, a diffuser with gorgeous porcelain flower that can be used anywhere. They are a small work of art nicely diffusing your fragrance.